MS Mobiles declares iPAQ h6300 photo a fake, predicts death of HTC

Following’s exclusive photo of the hp iPAQ Pocket PC Phone, pictured below, MS Mobiles have declared it to be a fake, while in the same breath predicting that the phone itself will cause the death of HTC. I quote from the MS Mobiles article: “Unfortunately the display in this faked photo has no antenna icon in title bar – something that in Pocket PC phones is always visible – independently from current status of the phone. The specifications and the text of the story have some technical errors and indicate misunderstanding and thus non-ambiguously indicate that it is a fake!” Okay. Firstly, having spoken with the guys at, I have ascertained there was a typographical error in the original article. This resulted in the wireless information reading “Wi-Fi TI OMAP Processor”, when “TI OMAP Processor” should have been on a separate line. have since corrected their error, and requested that we do the same.