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File defrag?

Can you defrag files in the MyDocuments folder on a 4700?

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Why would you need to? You can’t put enough data in ram to cause any perceived decrease or increase data access speed.

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It may not be the amount of data, but the amount of fragmentation that is causing the problem. There is a noticable decrease in access speed over time. Currently I delete the data file every few weeks and install a new clean file to restore access speed. This works well, but takes time. What I was looking for is a way to either do some type of file defrag or perhaps a compaction. I am working with a Pocket Access data file that either gets fragmented or develops excess slat in the file as items are added then deleted in the file.

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Why not copy the files over to your PC…delete the files on your iPAQ, then recopy back to your PC. They will not be fragged then.

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