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So how long would it last with WiFi and streaming video over the net? With the battery fully charged, WiFi turned on and viewing a site streaming video, I let my device sit and continuously play. Of course, WiFi takes an immense amount of power, so I felt this was a great means to see how long it lasted. I set the screen brightness to its highest level, backlight set to stay on and the device set NOT to shut down. At 5 hours, 7 minutes, the low battery alarm came on indicating that I had 19% power remaining.

Considering the settings I had used and understanding that WiFi sucks the power from the battery, in excess of 5 hours of constant streaming was a pretty good result. My regular stock battery would never last anywhere near that amount of time.

Unless I was going to take an overseas flight, I don’t think I would use my iPAQ to the extent that I did during the video playback or the WiFi test. More than likely, usage would be several hours a day with the occasional long day of video content.

I am very happy with this extended battery because it has made a significant difference in what I am able to do. The Mugen Extended battery is a terrific power source that will give you the power you need and the comfort of knowing you will have it all day.

Of course, if you do want just a spare battery to either replace or supplement the existing stock battery, you can get the Mugen 2000mAh battery . The same dimensions as the HP stock 1800 mAh battery just a little MORE power in it. How do they do that? Or better still, why didn’t HP do that? That little extra power makes a difference!

A little more power, a little more time, a little more security — that is what you get with a Mugen battery!


4500mAh BATTERY – IPAQ HX4700 $ 135.95 2000mAh BATTERY – IPAQ HX4700 $ 71.95


Excellent Performance and Reliability Extended Case is ALL battery Design of extended back matches iPAQ 2000mAh Battery fits perfectly into the stock iPAQ cover




5 out of 5

You can visit LION Battery here.

LION Battery Inc., located in the picturesque town of St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Québec, was founded in 2004, with the mission of providing high quality batteries and accessories for the portable electronics industry. They provide products that are manufactured to the highest quality standards and specifications and from my recent experience; I can tell you that they live up to their mission. I was very pleased with their prompt delivery and the pride they have in the products they sell.

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