Dave’s Ipaq – PDA Panache – Creators of a Distinctive, Stylish, Fine Quality Stylus @ Dave’s iPAQ

For whatever the reason, valid or not, I have made the choice not to use screen protectors on most of my iPAQs. I have found that if I keep my screen clean that I don’t get scratches. Although, I am certainly aware that the possibility exists, I just choose not to use one. I noticed the other day that in the upper right hand corner of the screen of my new 4700, there appeared to be a “blemish”. On further investigation, it was exactly where the “X” appears on programs. The thought occurred to me that with the continual tapping at that point of the screen to close a program, I have a “wear spot”.

I started to investigate my cleaning technique and increased the number of times that I cleaned the screen. All of a sudden, the thought occurred to me that it was not a dirty screen but rather a hard tipped stylus that was causing my problem—so the search began for a first rate stylus that had a tip that was going to maintain the integrity of my screen.

Visiting my local computer stores, I was finding the same stylus that I already had and I wanted a different type. I began a search on the web and found PDA Panache. What I found intriguing about them was overall company philosophy. They pride themselves in the ART of manufacturing custom stylus products. They were not just making styluses but rather they were creating a work of art to complement your device.

Since 1994, they have been selling their “ART” on the Internet and have been very successful. Their success is partially because their product is a “work of art” but really because they will not sell a product if it underperforms in any way.

When you get your stylus, enveloped in a clear plastic housing over a card backing, you can’t help but take a moment as you look at it and say to yourself — WOW, this is a great looking stylus. And that is just what I did when I looked at my stylus for the first time, but then when you open it and hold it in your hand; you know that you are holding a terrific instrument.

Unlike the stylus that comes with your iPAQ, this stylus is finely crafted and has a balanced feel to it as you hold it in your hand. I am not sure if it is the feel of the material, the weight of the stylus, the smooth grooves where your fingers rest or a combination of all that make you immediately realize that you have a thing of beauty in your hand. What ever the reason, it was the first time in years that I actually enjoyed holding a stylus in my hand and days after that experience, I still felt the same.

The stylus you order is custom designed just for your iPAQ, which means it is going to have a perfect fit when you slide it into the stylus holder. And I mean perfect! This is a solid-brass stylus upgrade that replaces your stock stylus; it fits in your iPAQ’s stylus holder better than the original.

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