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Engadget one of my favorate sites has posted a great commentary on the new Google Email service and the wireless world of PDA’s and Phones.

A lot of you out there have been asking us what devices, operating systems and browsers support Gmail, Google’s new email service, currently in beta. Here is the list of browser you can officially use with Gmail:

So of course, we figure that we can hack our Pocket PC with RegKing to report that it is running Microsoft IE 5.5. This basically makes any site you visit think the Pocket PC is a PC running IE, very useful for when your bank doesn’t want to support mobile devices, but you still want to log-in.

In this case it doesn’t work with Gmail. Gmail still gives the same message, not supported.

We also tried Opera on Sony Ericsson’s P900 smartphone and got the same thing. No go, in fact it required a rebooting of the phone trying to connect on one of the attempts.

Read the rest over at engadget to see if they ever got this to work.


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