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I have used a GPS for years and have found it to be an invaluable tool when traveling. In the early years, I had a GPS attached to my laptop which I would use to help guide me through the highways and byways of those new and exciting places we would visit. I tried to figure out a comfortable way to position my laptop in the car so either my wife or I could see the screen while we were traveling.

Of course, anyone who has ever used a laptop knows full well the difficulty that exists in driving and trying to view the screen which of course is why most (if not all) sellers of GPS devices place the caveat on their products that these devices should be used with a navigator in the passenger side of the car to assist in the navigation. I heartily agree!

However not every trip that you take may allow you the flexibility to have a navigator. With the advent of both written and spoken directions on the GPS program I use, a lot of the difficulty of navigation was eased while driving. Eventually I bought my first iPAQ and when I found a GPS solution I could use, it was a world of difference.

My wife found it significantly easier to use while we were on a trip and when I was alone, I could keep it resting on the console to glance at as I was driving. Hearing and seeing the directions clearly made it easier but it still was not enough. For a long time I adjusted to having my iPAQ rest on the consol but I wanted a better solution. I started to look at mounting solutions but the ones I saw were either too bulky or just really looked terrible. Most were made to be universal holders and that was just not the look I wanted. I wanted a better solution but I just was unable to find what I needed, that is until I saw the Seidio G2500 GPS Ready Mount .

The Seidio G2500 GPS Ready Mount had a variety of features that caught my attention but what I liked the best was that it was made specifically for my device — the 4700. That meant it was going to not look like an “add on” but rather something that would have an aesthetic look as if it was supposed to be there. It has the same color as the iPAQ and its slim design molds into the iPAQ giving the appearance that it was part of the original equipment. Besides good looks, what this mount provides is a professional, safe and secure system for your iPAQ!

So besides the “look”, what was it that I liked? Because it was a model specific holder, my iPAQ was going to fit snugly and securely in the holder eliminating the fear of it becoming dislodged while driving. There is an integrated power system so that when it was plugged into my DC power source, it would charge my iPAQ while driving. In addition, with the power on, there is an amplified speaker with a volume control built into the unit and there is a power out enabling me to charge additional devices while using the GPS mount. Although I use a Bluetooth GPS, it is GPS ready for wired GPS units. What you get is a neatly designed unit that is slim, stylish and lightweight that will provide you with the ability to use your iPAQ and GPS in your travels comfortably and most importantly, safely!

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