Dave’s Ipaq – So Is It Worth It? —YOU BET IT IS! @ Dave’s iPAQ

Pocket PC magazine has offered a special deal to you, the Pocket PC user. This is a very comprehensive package of software that contains over 100 Award-Winning Software Programs from Pocket PC magazine’s 2004 Best Software Awards. These programs were chosen from an illustrious group of individuals that know and understand Pocket PC software and because of a unique rating system; programs that make it to the finals and are ultimately chosen as a “winner” in a particular category are in the truest sense the “Best Software”!

Think about it, how often have you looked at a piece of software and wondered if it was any good? Now that worry is virtually non-existent because you know that if it won the Pocket PC Magazine’s 2004 Best Software Award, it was chosen by a large group of folks that have been working with and testing the software. With the large number of judges and the hours of testing by each, it is a pretty safe bet that the software is going to perform at an extraordinary level.

OK, so you’re convinced that the software is “Top Notch”. You know that folks have tested, played and run every conceivable test to determine that it warranted an award — but it just seems as if it’s a lot of money to shell out. Or is it?

A quick look at the amount of software that is available (more than I would ever use) and the total price if you purchased it all, the $280 for a package that retails for $2373 is a huge bargain. Just slightly above 10% of the cost — that’s a BIG bargain. But $280 bucks — whew, that sure seems like a lot, doesn’t it? Or is it?

If you amortize it over a year, it’s about 75 cents a day. How many of you waste a buck a day on just plain ole “dumb things”? I do and thinking about this purchase started to make me think about how I spend my money. Eating that extra donut in the morning or stopping at a convenience store for a candy bar that I really don’t need are just a couple of examples of money that I let go through my fingers. Or that heavy foot on the gas pedal — at $2.25 a gallon, that adds up over a year.

OK, I am “sort of” convinced that I do waste a lot of cash and if I was just a bit more reasonable, I could afford to shell out the cash for these programs. But over a 100 programs — am I really going to download and use 100 programs? I don’t think so! Too much, too many and time is just not there to do it all. So what makes it worth it?

As I looked at the list, there were a variety of programs that I’ve always wanted but just never went that extra mile to get them. All of a sudden the thought occurred to me, this is a very cool way for me to get just about every program I ever wanted plus more.

Was it worth it? — You bet it was!