Dave’s Ipaq – Special Discount on PocketWinC @ Dave’s iPAQ

Great news for registered members of Dave’s iPAQ. If you have been holding off on purchasing PocketWINC , here is a great opportunity.

If you are a registered member of Dave’s iPAQ, then you can go to the Cirond site and get a 15% discount if you purchase PocketWINC. When our members go through their web store, there will be a place to enter a coupon code along with all their information such as address, phone, number, etc. The code will give them 15% off the purchase price of $19.95. It can only be used once per registered email address but there is no limit to the quantity of copies purchased. This particular coupon expires on April 15, 2005.

So where is the code you say? Easy, go to the Registered Members Only area and then General Non Model Specific FAQ. There you will find a thread titled “Special Offer from Cirond“.

What does POCKETWINC do?

With pocketWinc, you can see your entire wireless network at a glance. pocketWinc shows you all the available access points, their SSID’s, BSSIDs, signal strength, status and Internet availability. It also provides you with a “Preferred Networks” list that allows you to specify access points to which you would prefer to connect to automatically.

PocketWinc is a very useful tool for diagnosing your connection to the Internet. Using tools such as the “trace” utility shown here, you can quickly see how your URL request, for example, gets from your Pocket PC to a given Web site.

You can tell pocketWinc how often you want to search for available networks, specify how you would like access point signal strength to be displayed ( % or dBm) – and how you would like to manage the display of unavailable networks, saved lists of networks and notification of new network availability.

Use pocketWinc to specify WEP keys for a given access point. pocketWinc can work with either manually-entered WEP keys or as part of the Cirond AirPatrol Enterprise wireless network management and security system, which automatically, securely and regularly “rotates” WEP keys, or can be used to strengthen WPA.

A handheld computer is a great tool for communicating wirelessly and for remotely managing wireless networks. In recognition of the growing role of Pocket PC-based handhelds as both productivity tools and wireless network management troubleshooting devices, Cirond has developed the pocketWinc connectivity tool designed for the Pocket PC platform.

Get connected fast Cirond pocketWinc is a very convenient tool for quickly finding WiFi networks using a Pocket PC, and also enables web access or email retrieval with a single touch of the stylus. It also includes an Internet detection feature that enables users to instantly determine whether an identified WiFi network provides Internet access.

Act as a wireless “scout” on your wireless network Because Pocket PCs have an intrinsic “instant-on” capability, pocketWinc is often used simply as an 802.11 wireless network “detector”, so users can instantly find out if a wireless network is available without having to get out their laptop and wait for Windows to start up.

Analyze your wireless networkpocketWinc also provides extensive wireless network information and is thus a valuable network administration tool for wireless network examination, testing, diagnosis and fine tuning.

You can get to Cirond here.


Here is the direct link to get the coupon code. Just click here.

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