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As great as the Pocket PC OS is, there are a lot of missing components that many Pocket PC users consider as seriously needed in a mobile platform. These are simple things, like a close button that really closes, the ability to open multiple windows in Pocket Internet Explorer, the ability to view file properties in File Explorer, a task manager, the ability to place shortcuts on the Today screen, among many others. Spb Pocket Plus is a utility that enhances all aspects of the Pocket PC operation system. For many Pocket PC users Spb Pocket Plus is the first program they install to a new device and many of them consider it as a service pack for the Pocket PC OS.

Spb Pocket Plus 3.0 builds upon previous versions by improving existing features and adding many new features that Pocket PC users consider as missing in the official OS updates.

The main enhancements are:

– A Safe Mode – “Alt-Tab”-Style Task Switching – Icons in Tabs on the Today Plug-in – A Close Icon in the Close Button Context Menu – “Open in Background” in Pocket Internet Explorer – Assigning Spb Pocket Plus Actions To Hardware Keys – Full Keyboard Support in Today Plug-In – Better VGA Support – Windows Mobile 5 Support

One thing users miss when working with a Pocket PC device and a keyboard is a simple task switcher like the Alt-Tab functionality on a desktop PC. Spb Pocket Plus extends the list of commands that you can assign to hardware buttons by adding an “Alt-Tab style” task switcher and 40 other commands like “Backlight Loop”, “New Task”, “Screen Toggle”, etc. Windows Mobile 5 significantly improves working with keyboards on Pocket PC devices and, as a result, more and more Pocket PC devices are becoming keyboard oriented. Spb Pocket Plus 3.0 adds important functionality to make Pocket PCs even more keyboard-friendly.

One of the biggest problems of existing mobile devices is the loss of all data that results from a hard-reset. Spb Pocket Plus 3.0 adds a safe mode feature to Pocket PC devices in order to help users in those situations when a device cannot be loaded normally due to a problem with software. The results of Spb Pocket PC Survey show that more than half of all Pocket PC users have lost all their data at least once due to a hard-reset. This can happen, for example, when the battery is completely depleted. Windows Mobile 5 addresses this issue. In Windows Mobile 5 all data is stored in persistent storage and is saved even if the battery completely runs out. But almost 3 times more people have lost all their data because of software problems. Desktop PC users have the option to boot their OS in safe-mode when they are experiencing difficulties. Now, Pocket PC users also have this option.

A significant amount of all development resources for Spb Pocket PC 3.0 were spent on speed optimizations. Now almost all main operations with Spb Pocket Plus are much faster. For example, Spb Pocket Plus loading is more than 60% faster, task manager menu appearance is 80% faster, and tab dragging on the Today screen is more than 500% faster.

All of the most important Spb Pocket Plus features have been improved in Spb Pocket Plus 3.0. We have collected users’ feedback and studied the results of usability testing to add the most important functionality. For example, Spb Pocket Plus extends the functionality of the built-in File Explorer by adding much-needed features like file properties, a “Folder Up” button, ZIP support, etc. The new version of Spb Pocket Plus also adds file encryption support to the standard File Explorer.

Other changes include advanced plug-ins support, icons in tabs on the Today screen, opening new web pages in the background in Pocket Internet Explorer, close icons in the close button context menu, better VGA support, Windows Mobile 5 support and the option to install Spb Pocket Plus to a built-in storage location.

*** Pricing and Availability ***

Spb Pocket Plus 3.0 will be available in English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, and Russian upon release. A free 15-day trial can be downloaded, or Spb Pocket Plus can be purchased for $24.95 USD, from www.spbsoftwarehouse.com. Owners of Spb Pocket Plus 2.x can upgrade for $9.95 USD. Further details about the upgrade process are available at the Spb Software House Web site.

*** Further Information and Downloads ***

Further information regarding Pocket Plus 3.0 can be found on the Spb Web site HERE

Find out what’s new in Spb Pocket Plus 3.0 HERE.

Upgrade from Spb Pocket Plus 2.x.

Features demonstrated through screen shots.

A free 15-day trial can be downloaded HERE

*** About Spb Software House ***

Spb Software House is a software development company, specializing mainly in Windows Mobile software for Pocket PCs. Founded in 1999, the company offers advanced software solutions for use in a wide range of applications.

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