DeLorme Earthmate — A GPS Solution Designed From The Ground Up!

I found it quite simple to manage my map and route files although I would like the option to say where they are being saved, maybe that will be in the next iteration. That being said, I like the way that they have organized the file system. It is very easy to find a previously saved map or route.

An impressive feature of the program is its ability to re-route you if you get off course. On one of our trips, I had made a route that ran into a closed road due to construction. Of course I followed the detour signs but the “little lady” inside the computer kept telling me to turn around and go back. She kept recalculating my route and soon adjusted to where I was going by following the detour. I half expected her to say, “listen you fool, I said turn around”! She was kind to me all the way! I was impressed with the accurate recalculation and adjustment made.

DeLorme has incorporated an immense set of features into Street Atlas USA that will make your trip experience wonderful. The ability to easily create a route, then have the GPS guide you with clear concise voice commands coupled with outstanding graphics and large fonts makes this software a must have traveling companion.

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