Developers of the Strategy Game ‘Songs of Conquest,’ Inspired by ‘Heroes of Sword and Magic,’ Announce Four Story Expansions and First Add-On.

The Swedish studio, Lavapotion, has shed light on the recent successes and future development plans for its turn-based adventure strategy game, Songs of Conquest, which draws inspiration from the Heroes of Might and Magic series.

Following two years of early access, Songs of Conquest saw its full release on PC on May 20. Just a week after the 1.0 version was released, developers have a lot to be proud of.

Reportedly, the sales figures of Songs of Conquest have surpassed 500,000 units to date. Upon reaching this sales peak, the developers celebrated with, in their words, “plenty of high fives” at the office.

Songs of Conquest Developers

As for future developments of Songs of Conquest, the first major game extension, named Bleak East, is set to be released in Q2 of 2025 (April – June). The add-on introduces two new factions, the Vanir (Trolls) and the Roots (Plants).

In the forthcoming Bleak East, the developers promise a broad, standalone campaign revolving around the evolution of the two new factions and their impact on world dynamics. Additional details are anticipated in the coming months.

Songs of Conquest Roadmap

Apart from Bleak East, the developers plan on advancing the storyline of Songs of Conquest with four paid narrative scenarios or Tales:

  • Fall 2024 – Rise Eternal, dedicated to the Barony of Lot. The story of Master Castus Mala, who died battling for Grey Hill, will be explored in detail. The add-on will introduce four new maps, artifacts, set bonuses, and overall faction improvements, available to everyone.
  • Winter 2024 – Essence Awakened, focusing on the Kingdom of Arleon.
  • Fall 2025 – Yet to be titled, focusing on Baria.
  • Winter 2025 – Yet to be titled, focusing on the Rana faction.

Songs of Conquest is currently available on Steam, GOG and EGS. It’s set to be released on PS5, Xbox Series X, and S later this year. A version for Nintendo Switch is also being planned.

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