“Directly from ‘Black Mirror’: Users Criticize the Recall Action Recording Feature in Windows 11”

AI-Based Recall Function in Windows 11 Raises Privacy Concerns Among Users

Users have expressed concerns over Microsoft’s new AI-driven Recall function in Windows 11, which tracks all user actions to facilitate quick return to any previously performed action. Even Elon Musk has criticized the feature, referring to a video where Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO, details how Recall works.

The video that triggered a wave of reactions on social media describes Recall as a robust AI tool that takes constant screenshots, remembers and understands everything happening on your computer. Essentially a ‘time machine,’ it monitors every computer activity and lets users return to any point on the timeline, such as an earlier opened application, file, video, or a browsed webpage. A demonstration of its functionality can be seen in the following video.

“It’s not a keyword search, but a semantic search through your entire computer use history. It is not limited to documents. Essentially, we can recreate moments from the past,” shares Nadella in the video. According to Microsoft’s official blog, Recall will become part of the AI assistant Copilot in Windows 11.


Elon Musk voiced his disapproval over the idea of being tracked constantly by his computer. Posted on social medial platform X, Musk has committed to turning off this feature. Musk drew comparisons between Recall and the popular Netflix series, Black Mirror, which depicts how advanced technologies manipulate people’s personal lives and behavior.

“Straight out of Black Mirror. Definitely turning off this ‘feature’,” Musk announced. Many other social media users agreed with him.

Various comments echoed this sentiment. “No thanks. I don’t want to pay Microsoft a monthly fee to spy on me,” wrote one commentator. “They can’t even manage a Start menu search, and we’re supposed to trust that this will work correctly?” wrote another. “Remember when Windows cached images and filled up spaces making the system unresponsive?” added a third.

Microsoft stated that Recall will store recorded data locally on the user’s device. “Your history snapshots are yours alone. They will be stored on your PC. You can delete individual entries, adjust and delete time ranges in the settings, or pause the feature at any time using the taskbar icon. Also, you can filter applications and websites so they are not saved in Recall. You always have control over your privacy level,” the Microsoft blog clarified.

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