Do I really need a ruggedized Pocket PC?

I have been doing a series of reviews on cases for my iPAQ over the last several months with my focus on cases that are professional looking as well as being practical, protective and durable. I think I’ve been fortunate to find a few cases out there that meet all of my requirements for that regular everyday usage that I give my iPAQ.

If you recall, I had an accident several weeks back as I was climbing on some rocks on the Maine coast. I did get a tear in my coat along with a few bumps and scrapes but more importantly, I didn’t destroy my iPAQ although I did do some damage to my case.

That incident prompted me to look at other styles of cases, particularly those that offer a little more protection than the leather cases that I so dearly like to carry. I did find a great aluminum case and it does the job extremely well but I have continued to look for the case that would provide the ultimate in shock-proof protection as well protection from the elements that certainly appear with out too much warning on the East Coast.

With a little luck, I did just that! I have found the ultimate case for protection from drops as well as protection from severe weather and more — The OtterBox! There is ABSOLUTELY no question that the OtterBox is the Toughest PDA Case in the World!

Made from a nearly indestructible material, it has been designed to house your iPAQ (or other PDA) in a dustproof, air proof, and watertight case while still providing you with access your iPAQ for the programs or data you need to use.

Over the last several weeks, I have been using the OtterBox Armor 1900 as well as the OtterBox Armor 3600. Both have been excellent, they each serve a different purpose and both have been absolutely outstanding in the performance in protecting my iPAQs.

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