Elon Musk Once Again Backs Dogecoin – Memecoin Value Surges by 15%

In future, Elon Musk, the billionaire entrepreneur, may sell his Tesla electric cars for Dogecoin, the meme cryptocurrency. Musk hinted this possibility during his visit to a Tesla factory near Berlin.

“At some point, I think we should implement this,” Musk said, responding to a factory employee who asked about the idea of accepting meme cryptocurrency for payments.

Popularity of Dogecoin among Tesla Employees

Musk stated that there have been numerous requests from his Tesla employees to support Dogecoin, transforming it into an official payment method for company goods. Tesla’s workforce interest underpins the meme cryptocurrency’s general popularity. “Doge is a people’s crypto, so I support it,” Musk declared.

Leson Musk Rallying Support for Dogecoin: Source: CoinDesk

Impact on Dogecoin Value

He also noted that since January 2022, Tesla has been selling merchandise in exchange for Dogecoin, remembering this, following Musk’s statement, Dogecoin’s worth soared by approximately 15%. However, at the time of writing, the value slightly declined to around $0.1814 per coin, as per CoinDesk’s data.

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