When I got my first look at the starting entry of HP’s new line of iPAQs I knew that the PDA as we knew it was about to change. What I did not realize however was that the next in line in HP’s new series would change how PDAs will be used forever. First Impressions (part 2) will give you my view on what I saw as I opened the box on my new rx3700.

After using the rz1700 for a month, I was used to the new rectangular design. I had said in my last review, the new shape made sense with a unit that was going to be used in two positions…portrait and landscape. The rx3700 has the same shape but the overall appearance is significantly better. It has a very definite richness in its appearance, partially because of its speckled dark gray color and partially because of the use of the black plastic buttons and control pad to compliment the color of the case. The entire unit is encircled about its perimeter with a sleek look of black. The buttons have a slight design change than what was on the rz1700. This new look is rich…very rich!

As I held the unit in my hand, it was about the same size as the 1700 in length and width, but the difference in thickness was clearly noticeable. As I rotated the unit over, I understood part of the reason for the thickness…a built in HP Photosmart 1.2 megapixel camera with a 4X digital zoom. Without turning on the unit, I just knew that I was about to have an incredible experience.

As always, you need to insert the power cord to boot the unit for the first time. It was the same basic operation to get started. It took just a minute or so to be up and running. The opening screen appeared to look the same as that of the 1700 but there was a change. The default today screen is the iPAQ Entertainment screen; similar look to the 1700 but clearly different. As a matter of fact, the only item that is the same is the “photos” icon. The three new additions are Photosmart Camera, Mobile Media and Home Control.

I clicked on Photos and it was an instantaneous load of HP Image Zone. Yes, I said instantaneous! There was serious consideration by HP on memory for this unit (152 mg available to the user) and it shows. There were a couple of photos that were on the iPAQ but I wanted to add some of my own.

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