Fossil a leading innovator of watch design, development and fashion accessories, announced new fashionable watch styles to complement its existing assortment of Wrist Net Smart Watches. The new Wrist Net Smart Watches are available in two different brands and three styles and feature thinner designs and butterfly clasps for a more comfortable fit. Using the MSN® Direct wireless service developed by Microsoft Corporation, the impressive FOSSIL® Wrist Net Smart Watches enable people to stay connected to the information that matters most by delivering personalized news, weather updates, sports scores, stock quotes, horoscopes, lottery results, personal messages and entertainment news.

Fossil’s ABACUS® technology brand is available in the consumer electronics retail channel and on the web site. The latest ABACUS Wrist Net Smart Watch styles are priced at a MSRP of $129.00 USD. The new FOSSIL Wrist Net Watch is available at FOSSIL retail stores and leading department stores, as well as online at The FOSSIL watch is priced at a MSRP of $199.00 USD.

MSN® Direct now offers a choice of annual service plans so individuals can tailor service options to their needs. To provide people with a glimpse of available MSN Direct content, all Smart Watches for MSN Direct will receive select content automatically from the time of purchase. This content will include national news headlines, local temperature information and stock indices. MSN Direct service is available in the U.S. and Canada only. For $39.95 per year the ˜Smart Plan’ allows subscribers to receive news, entertainment content, horoscopes, sports updates, weather forecasts and personalized stock and lottery information, with the freedom to personalize content the user wants to receive. For an additional $20.00 per year, subscribers can also choose to receive calendar appointment reminders via Outlook and personal messaging through MSN Messenger.*

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