Framed creator announces Sleight of Hand, a noir card stealth-action game featuring Lady Luck

New Zealand-based RiffRaff Games, founded by Josh Boggs, co-creator of the cult puzzle game Framed, has announced their debut title, Sleight of Hand, during the Xbox Partner Preview presentation in March. The news was revealed via IGN.

Sleight of Hand is positioned as noir card stealth-action. It follows the story of Lady Luck, a respected occult detective who has come out of retirement to vanquish her former coven.

In her search for people from her past life, Lady Luck finds herself in the nefarious and taboo-riddled city of Stipple-City, where knowledge of ritual magic and possession of cursed artifacts separate the haves from the have-nots.

Lady Luck is voiced by Debi Mae West, known for the role of Meryl Silverburgh from the Metal Gear Solid series

Lady Luck’s Abilities

Lady Luck wields a deck of cursed cards with varying effects and smoky magic. These powers enable her to stealthily take down thugs or slip past them unnoticed. Players will have the chance to expand their deck by selecting the perfect set of cards for each stage, uncover hidden passwords to gain access to the city’s secret passages, and secure new powers and information to accomplish their mission.

Boggs shared his excitement about the game development: “As always, I’ve tried to turn the genre on its head, this time mixing it with an innovative card game. The journey was tough, but I’m proud to work with this team and push stealth-action in a new direction”.

Release Details

Sleight of Hand is slated for a 2025 release across multiple platforms which include PC via Steam, Microsoft Store, Xbox Series X and S, as well as Game Pass for PC and Xbox. According to the game’s listing on Valve’s digital store, it will feature a text translation in Russian.

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