In a major update for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, developer’s tools were mistakenly left enabled, allowing the game to be ‘completed’ in mere minutes.

The superhero action game, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 designed by Insomniac Games experienced a significant update on March 7. Update 1.002 brought not only a range of popular features but accidentally left developer tools within accessibility for players.

The major highlight of this patch is the ‘New Game +’ feature. This allows players to replay Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 without losing their character progression from the previous playthrough. The unique features of this mode are:

  • Increased maximum level
  • New symbiote costume styles
  • Golden gadget forms
  • The potential to unlock both skills in a singlular costume technology cell
  • Trophy for completing the ‘New Game +’

In addition, Insomniac Games has incorporated in the game features allowing mission replays, changes in the time of day and symbiote tentacle color (after game completion), new photo-mode options, additional accessibility settings, and two Hellfire Gala costumes.

A somewhat unplanned feature in the patch was the inadvertent inclusion of a debug menu in the update’s release version — accessible by pressing the parameters button and the gamepad touch panel simultaneously.

This developer tool, not meant for regular players, enables the completion of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 within minutes, acquisition of a trophy for completing ‘New Game +’ and a sneak peek into upcoming DLCs being prepared by Insomniac for the project.

Charity set Fly N’ Fresh Suit Pack with two new costumes to sell for $5 till April 5, thereafter it will be free.

Insomniac is aware of the issue, and warned that the use of developer tools may result in game save data corruption and progression loss in trophy acquisition. They are currently working on a patch to resolve the issue.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 debuted on October 20, 2023, on PS5. Garnering high press reviews, it set the sales speed record for Sony exclusives. A PC version is speculated to be in development.

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