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Charter Communications, Inc., a leading broadband company, has formed a relationship with RemotePipes, Inc. to enable Charter High-Speed Internet Service customers to have both dial-up and wireless Internet access while traveling. Using RemotePipes’ IP Roamer wireless fidelity service, residential and commercial customers of Charter High-Speed Internet Service will have national and international remote access to the Internet and corporate networks.

“We’ve wanted to provide our Internet customers with the same high-quality access while traveling that they enjoy with Charter’s broadband service to their homes and businesses,” said James Henderson, Charter Vice President for Business Development. “Our relationship with RemotePipes affords our customers a superior value proposition in terms of cost, coverage, access methods, online account management and usage reporting.”

“In addition, the IP Roamer service can be seamlessly integrated with Charter’s virtual private network (VPN) services allowing our business customers’ employees to securely access resources on their corporate networks from any location.”

With IP Roamer client software, a user enters a username and password to access multiple globally-aggregated IP networks from leading providers, including Level 3 and Sprint, for coverage extending to some 150 countries.

“Charter does an excellent job of providing broadband Internet access to the home and business environments,” said Doug Bonestroo, Chief Executive Officer of RemotePipes. “Our IP Roamer Service is a highly complementary mobile offering that will have broad appeal to Charter customers.”

Charter and RemotePipes will co-brand the IP Roamer service and share revenue.

Charter residential and commercial customers will have the opportunity to try the service for a free trial period, with service thereafter offered on a “pay as you go” basis (hourly or daily at the customer’s option based on the plan selected), with prepaid and post-paid options.

The IP Roamer WiFi sniffer and connectivity software is available for downloading at . The WiFi finder software will not be activated unless a plan is activated.

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