Wireless Security In Depth

HP is again offering a terrific course. “Wireless Security In Depth” is designed expressly for IT professionals, this course will go beyond the typical wireless list of security procedures and identify which tools and techniques guarantee secure communication throughout your organization. Technology in the wireless world changes rapidly, but the information in this course is based on developed standards and vendor implementations so it will be relevant for the next several quarters as you install and improve your company’s wireless infrastructure.

The instructor is James Gaskin who has been in the networking business for five years and started contributing to Unix Today! magazine, and he continues to write for major technology publications such as Network World. His first book, Integrating Unix and NetWare Networks, was published by Novell Press in 1993, and he has continued writing books (15), hundreds of articles, and jokes (some even clean) about technology and real life ever since. His latest book is Broadband Bible: Desktop Edition (Wiley). As a speaker, James has been around the country helping people laugh at the pain caused by technology while teaching new ways to put technology to work for us, rather than against us. When avoiding computers, James plays tennis and classical chamber music in the Dallas area (but not at the same time).

What you’ll learn:

Understand earlier wireless security measures and why they don’t work well for business installations.

Investigate eavesdropping tools and defenses.

Learn about WPA in detail.

Understand the new wireless encryption options.

Understand future wireless security developments.

The course is running from Dec 16 2004 – Jan 28 2005. If you are interested in this terrific opportunity, you can read more here.