Google’s AI suggests adding glue to pizza to prevent cheese from slipping off

Artificial Intelligence (AI) generates perplexing advice on Google search engine results

Google search engine advances with the incorporation of novel features grounded in artificial intelligence (AI). Recently introduced are AI-generated responses, which offer an overview of answers to user queries alongside links to sources. However, the functionality may not always prove beneficial due to the nature of the referenced information.

An instance of this peculiar effect of AI-based search occurred when an internet user was researching how to prevent cheese from sticking to a pizza. An unusual suggestion by Google’s AI search engine was to add 0.125 cups of nontoxic glue to the sauce to enhance stickiness.

Source of image: SG-r01 / X

This advice is conjectured to have originated from an 11-year old Reddit commentary where a user humorously suggested this. Examples of these puzzling outcomes from AI algorithms clearly demonstrate potential pitfalls during information searches. There’s also the prospect that generative neural networks may conjure up such absurd results.

Further examples shared on social media of Google’s AI search function’s imprecise answers include AI claiming that geologists recommend people eat one small stone daily, and another stating that a dog played in the NHL.

A Google representative affirmed that such results are exceedingly rare and do not reflect the typical user experience. The representative noted that in most instances, overviews provide high-quality information. They also added that the feature underwent comprehensive testing prior to its launch.

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