GTX 1070 is Back in Action: Remedy Improves Alan Wake II Performance Significantly on Popular NVIDIA Graphics Cards

As the release of Remedy Entertainment’s horror game, Alan Wake II, approaches, gamers have been worried about high system requirements. However, an upcoming patch will make the game more accessible for owners of not-so-recent video cards.

To run Alan Wake II, you need a NVIDIA’s RTX 2060 level video card. This is because the game utilizes a technology called Mesh Shaders, which older video cards do not support.

According to Digital Foundry, a patch set to be released on March 6 for Alan Wake II will drastically improve the game’s performance on the still popular (used by 9% of Steam users) GTX 10 Series video cards.

Image Source: Digital Foundry

In the upcoming update, the developers will enhance Alan Wake II’s compatibility with video cards that do not support Mesh Shaders. This is expected to have a positive impact on game performance:

  • GTX 1060 will see an increase of 45% (from 15 to 28 frames/second);
  • GTX 1070 will see an increase of 57% (from 21 to 33 frames/second);
  • GTX 1080 will see an increase of 85% (from 26 to 48 frames/second);
  • GTX 1080 Ti will see an increase of 103% (from 28 to 57 frames/second).

Digital Foundry anticipates that with the release of the new patch, GTX 10 Series owners, starting from GTX 1070, will be able to play Alan Wake II fairly comfortably (1080p, FSR 2 in “Quality” mode, optimized settings).

Besides performance improvements on the GTX 10 Series, the coming patch will introduce more informative graphic settings with a demonstration of visual changes in real time.

Alan Wake II was released in October 2023 on PC (EGS), PS5, Xbox Series X and S. It has received high ratings and several patches since its release. By the beginning of February, the project’s sales have exceeded 1.3 million, marking the best start in Remedy’s history.

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