Russia Opens Its First State-Sponsored Esports Center with Free Classes for All

The first government-sponsored eSports Centre has been inaugurated in the Krasnogvardeyskiy district of St. Petersburg, functioning under the jurisdiction of the municipal institution “Physical Culture and Health.” The Centre’s unique proposition is its accessibility for citizens; it offers free participation in training sessions.

St. Petersburg Governor Alexander Beglov, participating in the inauguration ceremony, said, “We have created such an esports centre from scratch in our country for the first time. It’s very important that it’s not commercial, but urban. You can train here absolutely for free. Last year we carried out a major overhaul, purchased the necessary equipment and furniture.”

Source of the images: St.Petersburg Administration

Boasting of state-of-the-art infrastructure, the center offers 30 gaming stations, areas with consoles, and VR helmets. It houses four training rooms, spaces for hosting tournaments, spacious viewing halls, and large screens for public match viewing. A relaxation zone and a live broadcasting room are also in place. The center welcomes visitors aged 10 and above, including children from disadvantaged and large families, as well as orphans.

First government-funded eSports Centre in Russia

The city administration plans for the future to include developing an eSports school for teenagers. The focus will be on refining skills in various disciplines, in addition to the promotion of physical and psychological health among young gamers. Additionally, computer literacy enhancement courses for adults will be conducted.

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