The Talos Principle 2 receives a “grandiose” expansion, Road to Elysium, with a happy ending and complex puzzles.

Following Saturday’s announcement at Devolver Direct 2024, Croteam’s philosophical puzzle game, The Talos Principle 2, has released a noteworthy flagship expansion titled Road to Elysium.

The Road to Elysium serves as an epilogue to The Talos Principle 2, offering players the opportunity to further engage with the game’s world, reconnect with beloved characters, and unravel complex puzzles through a series of intriguing narratives.

Road to Elysium consists of three storylines:

  • “Orpheus Ascending” – allows players to collect fragments of Sarabhay’s personality in her mind, shaped by ancient Egyptian impressions;
  • “Isle of the Blessed” – enables users to venture to an island in the Caribbean Sea to a hexahedron (a huge puzzle cluster in a mysterious tower);
  • “Into the Abyss” – invites players to explore a restless dream world, unveiling what happened to Byron while he was confined in the Megastructure.

Orpheus Ascending promises a happy conclusion to The Talos Principle 2’s tragic tale, Isle of the Blessed offers relaxation and companionship, and Into the Abyss returns to one of the game’s most dramatic events. The puzzles in Orpheus Ascending require unconventional solutions, those in Isle of the Blessed are moderately difficult, while Into the Abyss offers exceedingly intricate challenges.

Screenshots of Road to Elysium (image source: Steam)

Road to Elysium was launched on June 14th across all target platforms, including PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X and S. It retails for 710 rubles on Russia’s Steam, while the base game is sold at 1100 rubles.

Critical appraisal for Road to Elysium has yet to emerge, though early reviews on Steam have been overwhelmingly positive, recording a 91% approval rate. Some users, however, report technical issues.

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