Nacon Reveals Release Date for GreedFall II: The Dying World; Game to be Temporary Steam Exclusive

The release schedule and target platforms for the fantasy RPG action game, GreedFall II: The Dying World, were clarified at the Nacon Connect 2024 presentation by the publisher, Nacon, and the Spiders, a development team from France.

The introduction of GreedFall II: The Dying World took place in spring and has since been expected to be released for PC and unnamed consoles in 2024.

As confirmed, GreedFall II: The Dying World will be released in the summer of 2024, however, it will only be available on Steam and only in early access. The full release on PC, PS5, Xbox Series X and S will follow later.

With the announcement came a new trailer for GreedFall II. The 1.5-minute trailer showcases a girl who is forcefully transported to the continent of Gakan and successfully struggles for freedom, challenging a fiery golem along with other freed individuals.

GreedFall II: The Dying World will unfold three years prior to the events of the original GreedFall. The player will assume the role of a native of the island Tir Fradi, whose mission is to gain freedom and confront a Gakan tyrant.

“Whether through diplomacy, cunning, strength, or the help of assembled allies, only you can put an end to the aggressive ambitions of a man who threatens the continent and your island” is what the game’s synopsis promises.

The game is set to feature a unique world, more extensive and diversified locations, unfamiliar factions, new allies, emphasis on storyline and user decisions, a more tactical combat system.

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