Subscription Requires Sacrifices: Insiders Warn of Game Pass Price Increase Due to Call of Duty

The Rumored Next Game from the Series ‘Call of Duty’ on Game Pass Set To Cause Changes in the Microsoft Service

Multiple insiders are indicating the imminent arrival of the next game from the series ‘Call of Duty’. Being included in the Game Pass subscription at launch is expected to cause changes in the Microsoft service.

The Wall Street Journal recently reported, citing sources in the know, that Microsoft intends to add the new ‘Call of Duty’ to Game Pass right from the start of its sale.

Simultaneously, sources from The Verge in early May conveyed that Microsoft had deliberations about adding ‘Call of Duty’ to Game Pass from the day of its release, and this was in exchange for a further increase in the cost of Game Pass Ultimate.

Source Image: Xbox

Insider Confirmations

Insiders shinobi602, NateDrake, and eXtas1s, who tracked The Wall Street Journal’s report, confirmed that the arrival of ‘Call of Duty’ on Game Pass is associated with significant changes.

According to eXtas1s, the mentioned changes are majorly associated with ‘Call of Duty’. NateDrake further adds that Microsoft is planning to raise the prices of existing packages and introduce new ones.

Source Image: X (eXtas1s)

Current Subscriptions

At present, Microsoft offers a month of PC Game Pass for $10, Xbox Game Pass for $11, and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for $17. Since last fall, the company has also been selling the Xbox Game Pass Core subscription ($10 per month, a collection from three dozens of games).

Anticipated Launch

The upcoming ‘Call of Duty’ is presumed to receive the subtitle Black Ops 6 / Black Ops Gulf War and is expected to be announced in May. The game’s comprehensive presentation will take place after the Xbox Games Showcase 2024 on June 10, with a release expected later in October.

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