“Thousands of Fans Would Buy Such a DLC”: New Mod Released Allowing Players to Fully Complete the Resident Evil 2 Remake with a Fixed Camera.

The cherished dream of many Resident Evil fans has just come true, thanks to a modder known as alphaZomega. The said modder has released a modification that allows players to experience the entire Resident Evil 2 remake from a fixed camera angle, just like the early installments in the series.

AlphaZomega’s modification brings over 1700 fixed camera angles to the game, all carefully calibrated for optimal gameplay. The modder has also incorporated other vintage features, such as auto-aiming and “tank” controls, albeit alongside three modern control schemes.

For added convenience, alphaZomega introduced a feature that equips any weapon with a laser sight. This new addition allows players to instantly pivot the camera towards the target, even if it’s off the screen, using a hotkey. Additionally, a mode has been added where the camera rotates and tracks the player. Items have been made to shimmer for better visibility, and the mod allows for angle customization using its built-in editor.

The modification, titled RE2R Classic, can be downloaded from Nexus Mods. The REFramework tool by praydog2, which is free of cost, is required to run the mod. RE2R Classic is compatible with all versions of the game and supports both keyboard and mouse, as well as gamepad.

While alphaZomega did not release any video demonstrations of his mod, interested fans can check out fellow gamers’ streams online, such as the 15-minute video by Residence of Evil on YouTube.

Many users have expressed surprise that Capcom did not officially introduce such a mode, sharing their envy for PC gamers as the mod is unavailable on consoles. As user JAMPLAYDEV-mn9nb commented, “I’m 100% sure thousands of fans would have bought DLC like this.”

Last year, another enthusiast, TheResidentofEvil, demonstrated how Resident Evil 4 remake would look with a classic camera angle. However, this was merely a concept demonstration, and there is no comprehensive mod available for the latest game in the franchise.

Resident Evil 2 remake was released on January 25, 2019, for PC (Steam), PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. In June 2022, it received enhancements for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and S, and in November 2022 it was brought to the Nintendo Switch.

Rumors suggest that Capcom is currently working on five new installments in the Resident Evil series.

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