Returning to Roots, Call of Duty: Warzone Analog and a 2025 Release: Insider Reveals New Details of the Upcoming Battlefield

Tom Henderson Reveals Information about the New Battlefield Game

In a piece for the Insider Gaming portal, trusted insider Tom Henderson shared details about Electronic Arts’ upcoming, but yet officially unannounced, Battlefield game.

Futuristic Setting and Emphasis on Technology

According to Henderson, the next Battlefield game will be set in a contemporary backdrop (2025-2030) and the narrative will emphasize on warfare technologies.

Return to Basics

The new Battlefield installment is being touted as a kind of return to basics, boasting familiar features: 64-player matches, an overhauled environmental destruction system, and the well-known mechanic of four classes.

'Firestorm', the Battle Royale mode in Battlefield V

New Battle Royale Experience

A ‘Freemium’ Battle Royale reminiscent of Call Of Duty: Warzone is reportedly being developed by Ripple Effect (formerly DICE LA) to offer an “entirely new Battlefield experience that will complement and extend the core series.”

Alongside the classic mode, the Battle Royale will include a Gauntlet mode where teams of players compete in task efficiency. The squad with the least points after each mission is eliminated from the match.

Battlefield 2042's Battle Royale mode - Hazard Zone wasn't very popular

Brand General Manager Drives Battle Royale Initiative

The Battle Royale is believed to be spearheaded by Battlefield’s brand general manager, Byron Beede, who had a hand in launching Call of Duty: Warzone. It’s expected to be released concurrently with the premium game.

Launch Anticipated in October 2025

If Henderson’s information is accurate, the next Battlefield installment is planned for release in October 2025. The shooter’s developers are reportedly targeting “the most realistic and exciting” destruction in videogame history.

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