Hacker Steals Bank Card Data of 500,000 Cooler Master Clients

Cooler Master falls prey to extensive cyberattack impacting half a million customers

Cooler Master, a leading manufacturer of computer components, has suffered from a massive cyberattack compromising the personal data of nearly 500,000 customers. A hacker operating under the pseudonym Ghostr claims responsibility, boasting about infiltrating the private section of the Cooler Master website and pilfering 103 gigabytes of confidential data. The hacker is now demanding a ransom.

Stolen data includes corporate and personal information

The stolen data includes not only corporate details of Cooler Master, supplier and sales data, but also personal data from participants of the loyalty program Fanzone. The violation exposed customers’ full names, addresses, dates of birth, telephone numbers, and email addresses. What’s particularly concerning as per a report from Hot Hardware, is that the hackers have gained access to unprotected credit card data of Fanzone participants. This includes credit card numbers, their expiry dates, and the three-digit CVV codes required for online payments, making it straightforward for the hackers to pilfer from these accounts.

Threat of data being sold on the black market

Ghostr threatens to sell all the stolen data on the black market unless a ransom is paid by Cooler Master. The company has yet to officially comment on the incident, however, independent investigation has confirmed the legitimacy of a portion of the leaked data.

Clients urged to bolster vigilance

In light of this, it is highly advised that Cooler Master customers, and especially Fanzone participants, heighten their vigilance. Breaking down the precautionary steps include monitoring for suspicious activity on their bank accounts and exercising increased caution when using personal data online. Experts encourage customers to contact their banks immediately upon noticing any signs of fraudulent activity while also recommending password changes and establishing payment history monitoring.

Questions over Cooler Master’s handling of the breach

It remains unclear if Cooler Master was able to detect and thwart the attack in time before the perpetrators could inflict significant harm to its customers. The computer components manufacturer is expected to issue an official statement elucidating the situation and providing guidance to its suppliers and customers soon. In the meantime, experts are predicting a surge in phishing attacks and various cybercrimes taking advantage of the stolen Cooler Master data in the coming weeks.

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