Honda Invests in Compact Nuclear Reactors for Electric Vehicle Charging

## NT-Tao Prepares Launch of Transportable Nuclear Reactors for EV charging backed by Honda

The primary sources of “green” electricity for the transportation systems are currently solar and wind power stations. However, these sources depend highly on weather conditions. By contrast, Israeli start-up NT-Tao, sponsored by Honda, aims to tap into a more reliable source for powering electric vehicle (EV) charging stations within a decade, especially in areas suffering from insufficient energy infrastructure.

NT-Tao’s nuclear reactor, conveniently designed to fit into the space of a standard shipping container, carries a capacity of up to 20 MW. Honda envisions pairing these transportable power stations with EV charging stations to power up to 1,000 EVs simultaneously. Importantly, these revolutionary reactors shouldn’t emit any greenhouse gases and should perform irrespective of weather conditions.

## On Costing and Market Availability

The compact 20 MW power station comes with a hefty price tag, ranging from $70 million to $100 million, according to representatives from NT-Tao. Nevertheless, customers will not be able to purchase these energy units until the next decade, when they will start selling on the market. Demonstrations are planned for 2029. Honda and other investors have collectively invested $28 million into the Israeli start-up so far.

According to the developers, the cost per kilowatt-hour (kWh) of electricity generated using this method will range between 6 to 13 U.S. cents. These energy resources can be repurposed for use in isolated data processing centers or businesses. Consequently, the need for substantial nearby power lines no longer serves as a determinant site selection factor.

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