How Tough Is Your Skin?

The Rhino Skin is made of 100% anodized aluminum and its padded interior protects screen and function buttons. The design gives easy access to your stylus, SD card and the microphone jack when the case is closed. The IR port is exposed for easy data transfer and the record a memo button is easily accessed. The bottom of the case has a “cut out” for connection with the sync cable or charger eliminating the need for removal of the device to perform those functions.

Opening the form fitting cover, you have total access to all of the function buttons which is not necessarily so with other types of cases…leather or aluminum. The inside of the front cover has an internal SD card holder. The holder has a very simple and unique design for inserting the SD…I was impressed! The included “Rhinoclip” has a removable post if you choose not to use the belt clip system.

There was a StuffBak” Loss Protection label included in the package. I had no idea what that was but reading the label I found out that if I lost my iPAQ this service will provide a reward for the return of the device plus anything additional you might want to give. There is a small charge for shipping and handling if your device is found and returned…not a bad price to get back invaluable information stored on your device.

I was impressed with the look of the anodized aluminum and the neat “cut outs” that were perfectly placed. The hinged cover has a near perfect fit, better than anyone could possibly expect. Absolute amazement is the only description I can give for the closeness of the tolerances of the cover when it is closed. This is a company that believes in their warranty: “Saunders products are guaranteed to be free from defects due to workmanship or material and to provide one year of normal service to the user. If any such defects appear, replacement will be made without charge”. They won’t ship it if it is not perfect…and it is!

What impressed me the most was the unique means that they used to “lock in place” your device when it was inserted into the Rhino Skin case. The back of my 1940 has two recessed screws at the top rear of the case. The Rhino Skin case has two tabs with two Teflon “bumps” that are matched to sit in the recessed holes (picture on page one). When the device is inserted, the Teflon bumps lock the device in the case…very nice!

Good looks…ruggedized protection…slim and sleek look and feel. This is one light weight heavy duty case that you will be very happy with!

Cost: $34.95


Light weight Perfect fit Excellent interior cushioning Removable post for belt clip Finish of the case is classy (I’m sitting here trying to think of a con…guess what, there are none!)


Founded with the patented Titanium Slider, RhinoSkin has provided the ultimate in protective PDA cases, setting an industry benchmark. RhinoSkin offers a complete line of PDA cases ranging from Molded Aluminum and Titanium to Premium Leathers and Synthetic Sport Cases. Using core technology from our 50 plus years of manufacturing, Saunders engineered a complete line of PDA cases designed to protect handheld devices and improve the functionality for users. The use of handheld devices is growing every year in all areas of business, education and government. As these devices expand and take on new form factors and new technologies, Saunders will continue to develop the broadest line of cases for these devices, under the RhinoSkin brand, designed to meet the users needs.

You can visit the Saunders Rhino Skin site here.

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