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iPAC rx3115 modem, wp, and excel question

I am BRAND NEW to pocket PCs but thought that one would help during my summer travels. So I purchases an iPAC 3115. I have created a couple of Word and Excel documents on it but I have spent many hours already trying to figure out how to read these on my desktop PC. I have installed Active Sync. Questions: 1–I am unable to open the documents due to the suffix because it is coming from pocket excel or word 2–Do I have to have Active Sync installed because I may be trying to use libraries to work at times during the summer. I do have a card reader, but when I tried to open the docs on the PC I got a lot of garbage. 3. Modem–I will need a modem hookup at times because hot spots will not be available. Will the Socket SDIO 56K modem work with my iPAQ?


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1. Make sure you have Active Sync set to convert the docs. It should make it the pocket version on the pda and vice versa. 2. It sounds like the libraries are perhaps ebooks…what format are they?

3. Don’t know.

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1. Harley answered #1 2. A little confused on your query. If you can read the files on your iPAQ, what are you using to do so?

3. I would check the Socket site for compatibility with the 3115.

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