HP iPAQ rz1700

The first time seeing the HP iPAQ rz1700 PocketPC I was thrown back at the change of design from the original h19xx series. Wow, I really loved the h19xx series with the sleek and sexy design where everyone comes up to you asking what that is. Being the iPAQ fan I couldn’t just betray the unit, but only give it a fair chance to gain my approval. As we dive into this review I will go over design, software included, and functionality.

When you look at the device for the first time you will notice that HP has made huge change in the corporate identity of the entire iPAQ product line. The rz1700 series iPAQ is geared towards the entry level user looking for a place to store contacts, appointments, music and photos. If you look at the diagram we will go over the design of the unit. (1) Charge/Notification LED indicator, (2) QVGA Color Display which I feel is one of the bonuses of this device because the QVGA (240 x 320) gives a broad application compatibility in either portrait or landscape modes (Windows Mobile SE). (3) Calendar Button, (4) Contacts Button, (5) 5-Way Navigation Touch Pad (6) Messaging Button, (7) Today Screen Button (8) Stylus. One item to note is that HP has created a universal stylus that will work from the rx1700 throughout the h6300 PocketPC Phone.

Now let’s take a look at the top of the rx1700. (1) 3.5mm Stereo Headphone Jack (2) SD Slot, yes SDIO, (3) Stylus (4) Microphone (5) Infrared Beam (6) Power Button. Probably the only improvement to the top of the unit is placing the power button on top instead of on the face of the unit.


Once you turn the unit over you will notice HP has embedded the battery within the unit which means you will have to send the unit off to HP for battery replacement. The internal battery is a rechargeable 1000 mAh Lithium-lon which we tested and gave us an estimated usage time of 7 hours, and charging time is up to 4 hours. Optional cradle may be used for charging and synchronizing at your desk. You can even use our auto charger to charge your rz1700 in your car (optional accessories sold separately).


The rz1700 series offers up to 25 MB user available memory including 10 MB iPAQ File Store on model rz1710 and 35 MB user available memory including 21 MB iPAQ File Store on model rx1717 (Asia). Many customers have expressed the need to safely store more programs and so HP included the famous iPAQ File Store, which is non-volatile memory used to store critical data, databases, and other important files. The data stored in the iPAQ File Store is protected from being erased in the event of a battery discharge or a full reset. Remember this unit doesn’t have a considerable amount of memory so the user needs to be aware how much space is available prior to loading any applications.

SDIO Expandability

When I found out this device was going to support SDIO I was extremely happy. Why? Well if you read my h2215 review you know I like to tweak my iPAQ’s. If you aren’t familiar with SDIO, (Secure Digital Input/Output technology supports accessories such as: Wi-Fi cards, cameras, Bluetooth cards, bar code scanners, etc. So what I did was grab my SanDisk 256MB +WiFi SD card (http://davesipaq.com/articles/000060/) and slid that puppy into my rz1700. By using the SanDisk card I am killing two birds with one stone. Once I loaded the software on the unit I was surfing wirelessly on my WLAN. Definite add on if you are considering purchasing this unit.


Since this iPAQ is geared towards the entry level user HP decided to bundle some fun imaging and multimedia software on the CD. One of the selections is HP Image Zone photo and imaging software which makes it easy to find, organize and share your photos and video. For the business professional you can use your HP iPAQ as an electronic photo and video album to show your latest products to your customers. Or the new multimedia guru you can view photos or videos on your HP iPAQ from any Secure Digital (SD) or MultiMedia (MMC) card.

Overall I am happy I gave this unit a chance. If I were to just look at the specs and not give it a chance I truly would’ve walked right by it and missed a gem. This unit gives the entry level user an easy interface and numerous options for expansion. If you are looking for your first PocketPC and might be thinking of adding Wi-Fi I would highly recommend purchasing this unit.

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