Innvo Systems Launches JuzzMobile

Singapore-based Innvo Systems Pte Ltd (Innvo) announced the release of JuzzMobileâ„¢, an integrated mobile application suite comprising JuzzBrowseâ„¢ (WAP Browser), JuzzMMSâ„¢ (Multimedia Messaging Client) and JuzzJEEâ„¢ (Javaâ„¢ Virtual Machine) for mass market feature phones. Developed in collaboration with leading chipset suppliers and mobile operators, JuzzMobileâ„¢ is a tested and proven solution that sets a new benchmark for mass market feature phones.

It is a challenge for handset manufacturers to overcome the difficulties in dealing with multiple vendors supplying WAP Browser, Multimedia Messaging Client and Javaâ„¢ Virtual Machine solutions for mass-market feature phones. This has resulted in compliance, interoperability and interface issues that result in complex and time-consuming integration problems. By adopting the JuzzMobileâ„¢ application suite, our customers can substantially reduce integration time; ensure operator compliance and experience superior performance of their feature phones. commented Mr Chay Kwong Soon, Chairman of Innvo.

JuzzMobileâ„¢ has been pre-integrated and optimized on Texas Instrument’s Calypso chipset platform thus providing the fastest and most proven path for handset manufacturers to go-to-market with no integration and compliance issues. JuzzMobileâ„¢˜s integrated and portable software architecture helps handset manufacturers to achieve challenging time-to-market objectives without compromising on technical and user experience requirements.

JuzzMobileâ„¢ application suite has been adopted by some of the leading handset OEMs and design houses in the region who are benefiting from its pre-integration and competitive pricing.

JuzzMobileâ„¢˜s features can be customized to meet broad range of requirements of handset manufacturers. Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs) and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) can integrate JuzzBrowseâ„¢, JuzzMMSâ„¢ and JuzzJEEâ„¢ as individual components or together as a complete package. When implemented as an integrated solution, JuzzMobileâ„¢ utilizes common modules between applications and drastically minimizing memory usage of the handset. This translates into substantial cost and time savings to the handset manufacturers.

As end user demand fuels the growth of the feature-rich handset market, Innvo is focused on providing embedded software solutions to manufacturers that are pre-integrated and minimize the costs and risks normally associated with customization and compliance.

Customers and media will be able to see live demonstrations of the JuzzMobileâ„¢ suite at the TI platform at 3G World Congress & Exhibition in Hong Kong in November 2004. For more information and to meet the team from Innvo, please visit the Innvo booth #1401D in Hall 7 from November 16 to 18, 2004.

About Innvo Systems

Innvo Systems is an independent provider of cost-effective integrated mobile software solutions for mass market feature phones. Our business is to license the JuzzMobileâ„¢ suite to design houses and handset manufacturers. Innvo Systems is headquartered in Singapore, with offices in India and China. For more information, please visit

About JuzzMobileâ„¢

JuzzMobileâ„¢ is an integrated mobile application suite consisting of essential features for today’s end user: WAP Browser, Multimedia Messaging Client and Javaâ„¢ Virtual Machine. Through its efficient software architecture and advanced compilation techniques for resource-constrained mobile devices, JuzzMobileâ„¢ offers superior performance and minimizes integration costs. JuzzMobileâ„¢ is pre-integrated with leading chipset platforms, enabling faster time-to-market for handset manufacturers.

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