Insider: PlayStation to Release More Xbox Exclusives, Including Major Titles

In a recent article about the current state of Microsoft, Windows Central editor Jez Corden revealed behind-the-scenes information about Xbox’s recently adopted multiplatform approach.

In February, Microsoft announced plans to launch four of its eco-system exclusives (Hi-Fi Rush, Pentiment, Sea of Thieves, Grounded) on PS5 and Nintendo Switch, indicating that more could be forthcoming.

The strategy has already shown success, with Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, flaunting in an April financial report that Xbox now boasts more bestsellers in PS Store than any other publisher.

 Image Source: Steam (『莉栖』・:*Vincent*:・)

According to Corden, the plan to transpose Xbox games onto other platforms is codenamed “Latitude.” It springs from Nadella and CFO, Amy Hood’s drive to increase the profitability of each division.

While concerns and debates are rising among employees about whether the move is good or bad, Microsoft’s leadership allegedly propagates the idea that there is no untouchable games – anything can be ported.

 Rumor has it, a new installment of Gears of War will be announced at Xbox Games Showcase 2024 (Image Source: Steam)

Corden revealed that several ‘obvious’ new Xbox projects are currently being prepared for PlayStation release. Eurogamer adds that the porting of numerous games, including some of the company’s biggest franchises, is being discussed.

In Corden’s opinion, while releasing Halo Infinite on PlayStation would certainly boost profits in the short term, it could potentially harm Microsoft in the long run as the need to purchase Xbox consoles could vanish.

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