Insider Reveals When to Expect the Announcement of Ghost of Tsushima for PC

Since 2020, Sony has released a slew of PlayStation exclusives for PC, but there has been no rush to port Sucker Punch Productions’ open-world action-adventure game, Ghost of Tsushima. Nevertheless, it seems its time has now come.

Recently, XboxEra podcast co-host, Nick Baker, hinted in his microblog that Ghost of Tsushima will be the next Sony exclusive to transition to PC, and the announcement is not far off.

“I hear that we may be expecting news about the PC version of Ghost of Tsushima quite soon – possibly on the fifth?” Baker speculated. He later clarified in his comments that he indeed meant March.

Image source: Sony Interactive Entertainment

It’s worth noting that Baker doesn’t possess an impeccable track record regarding leaks, but he predicted almost the entire State of Play lineup in a recent episode.

If Baker’s information proves to be accurate, this will be the second notable event for PlayStation exclusives on PC this month; Horizon Forbidden West is set to appear in the Steam and Epic Games Store on March 21.

Image Source: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Ghost of Tsushima revolves around the events that unfolded in the year 1274 on the island of Tsushima. The game narrates the protagonist, Jin Sakai, the last surviving samurai of his clan, as he opposes the Mongol invaders.

Originally, Ghost of Tsushima was released on PS4 on July 17, 2020, with a Director’s Cut appearing on PS5 on August 20, 2021. As of the game’s second anniversary, it has sold 9.73 million copies.

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