Metallica Set to Invade Fortnite Today: New Mode, Musical Show, and More.

Epic Games, the developers behind the popular free-to-play battle royale game Fortnite, have announced their latest collaboration with the legendary American metal band Metallica.

Metallica in Fortnite: What to Expect

Metallica will be entering Fortnite on June 13 with patch 30.10. The store will feature new “Puppet Masters” items (available until August 16) as well as jam-songs from Metallica and a Metallica Jäger 619 car kit (available until June 26).

The fourth season of the Fortnite Festival, the game’s version of Guitar Hero, will also begin on June 13. It will feature a Metallica Festival Pass which costs 1800 V-bucks and a new 16-player PvP mode called “Music Battle.”

Special Features and Rewards

A new “Ride the Lightning” guitar will be available in-game, which players can find both on the ground and in chests. This item allows players to ride on lightning. A Metallica Island will also appear in the sky mid-match, complete with Metallica loot and an M72 world tour stage.

By completing Metallica tasks in battle royale mode (available until July 2), players can earn a new loading screen and emote. On June 18, a tournament will be held offering the “Bell” emote as a prize.

New Additions to Rocket Racing

In addition to the in-game features, arcade racing game Rocket Racing will introduce a new “Race of Doom” volcanic track featuring the song “Fuel” by Metallica as its soundtrack. Players can also tackle a series of themed tasks available until August 16.

Metallica: Fuel. Fire. Fury Concert

To top it all off, an interactive Metallica concert titled “Fuel. Fire. Fury” by Magnopus will take place in Fortnite. The band will perform six hit songs. The concert can be viewed multiple times across three days on the following schedule (in Moscow time):

  • June 22 — 21:00;
  • June 23 — at 00:00, 06:00, 17:00, and 21:00;
  • June 24 — 00:00.

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This much-anticipated collaboration promises to blend the excitement of gaming with the pulse-pounding energy of a live Metallica concert, all within the interactive world of Fortnite.

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