“It” Star and “Godzilla vs Kong” Director: Insider Reveals New Details about the Bloodborne Movie

Daniel Richtman, known by the pseudonym DanielRPK, an insider, recently shared some new details about the purported movie adaptation of the gothic action game – Bloodborne on his Patreon.

Last November, Richtman reported that Sony Pictures and PlayStation Productions were in the process of producing a feature film based on Bloodborne. However, the release date remains undisclosed.

Darren Lemke, known for “Shazam!” and “Wheel of Time,” has been reported to be the scriptwriter while the producer is Lorenzo di Bonaventura, who has previously produced Doom and “Transformers”.

Image Source: Warner Bros.

According to Richtman, Sony envisions Adam Wingard as the director of Bloodborne. Wingard directed films like “You’re Next!”, “The Guest”, “Death Note” and “Godzilla vs. Kong”.

As for the lead actor, Swedish actor Bill Skarsgard is reportedly being eyed for the role. Skarsgard is best known for playing the clown Pennywise in the horror film “It” and Roman Godfrey in the TV series “Hemlock Grove”.

Image Source: People

The film’s plot remains unknown. In Bloodborne, the main character, the Hunter, is tasked with unraveling the mysteries of the city of Yharnam, whose inhabitants are being transformed into terrifying monsters by a mysterious disease.

Bloodborne was released in March 2015 and despite almost nine years having passed, the game has not yet been ported outside of PS4. Rumors suggest that Sony has resumed work on porting the game for other platforms, but no confirmation has been provided.

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