It Appears Embracer Group Has Sold Saber Interactive, as Owner Mentions Have Disappeared from the Studio’s Website

Saber Interactive, one of Embracer Group’s largest divisions, appears to be preparing to separate from the Swedish holding. Evidence of this imminent move is noticed on the company’s official website.

Last month, Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreier reported relying on his resources that Embracer intends to sell Saber to a group of private investors for $500 million.

It seems that the decision for the half-billion-dollar deal is already made. Social network users noticed that references to Embracer Group have disappeared from the official Saber Interactive website.

Image Source: X (lejooon)

Up until recently, the “About us” section carried a declaration that Saber is a part of Embracer. Such a reference is now missing on the site (see screenshots above).

It’s noteworthy that while references to Embracer Group disappeared from Saber Interactive’s website, it remains present on the company’s official microblog at the time of this report’s publication. It can be viewed here (See screenshot below).

Image Source: X (SaberGames)

According to details on the official website, Saber Interactive comprises more than 20 studios with over 2,500 employees in total.

Schreier’s sources indicate that as part of the deal, Saber might take along a few studios from Embracer. It was also noted that the company would continue to develop the remake of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic once it separates from the owner.

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