Introducing Apple Intelligence – A Set of AI Features That Will Revolutionize The Use of the iPhone, Mac, and Other Devices

Introducing Apple Intelligence: AI enhancements for Apple devices

Apple has announced the introduction of Apple Intelligence (AI), a new suite of artificial intelligence (AI) features for its devices, including iPhone and Mac. The company, which once shied away from the term “artificial intelligence” when discussing its AI features, is now offering AI-based enhancements across all its platforms. Apple is currently playing catch-up in the world of AI, where Google and Microsoft have already been implementing AI functions for over a year.

AI Automating User Experience on Apps

Apple has claimed that its AI features will complete various actions for users within applications. For instance, AI will manage notifications, automatically write or summarise text in mail and other apps. The company also asserts that the AI can reference one app to perform actions in another – for example, commanding the iPhone to play a podcast that was shared by a friend.

Artificial Intelligence enhancing user experience
AI integration on Apple devices

Protecting User Privacy

In true Apple fashion, the company is prioritizing user confidentiality. It shares that AI functionalities will be processed locally on devices to ensure data privacy. However, local AI operations will only be available on devices fitted with the A17 Pro platform, M1, M2, M3, or M4 series processors, and specifically the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max for smartphones. The M-series chips are used in all modern Macs and most iPads.

Furthermore, Apple will implement a “semantic index” where AI will collect personal data as required and use it across all apps. The company assures users that such data will be thoroughly protected.

Apple focusing on user privacy

A Collaborative Move towards the Cloud

Realizing not all AI functionalities can be realized solely on devices, Apple states that AI would resort to the cloud when necessary. It assures that requests and data will be directed to a so-called “private cloud,” ensuring the data is never stored on servers and inaccessible to Apple. The company also remarked that independent experts would verify these statements.

Siri’s Elevated Interactivity

iOS 18 users will enjoy a much more natural conversation with Siri, akin to interacting with a live person. Additionally, Siri can be communicated with through both voice and text entries – the latter proving to be beneficial in certain situations. Besides, Siri would carry out more actions at the user’s behest, such as scheduling text message dispatches and understanding from your speech context which apps you’re asking to use.

In-App Assistance by Siri

Interestingly, Siri can now perform actions in apps for users, including those by third-party developers. An example is when a user asks Siri to edit an image in the Photos app being currently viewed.

Screen Awareness and Text Writing Aid

Siri will also understand what’s happening on the screen. For instance, if you’re filling a web form requesting your driving license number, Siri can automatically pull up a photo of your ID and extract the relevant number to fill in on your behalf. Apple calls this “screen awareness”.

Additionally, AI will aid in drafting text. Apple has introduced an email writing and comprehensive note-taking feature. For instance, you can ask Siri to either complete an email you’re drafting in Mail or subtly change your text tone. Similar features are available universally, wherever you’re typing text within the system.

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