“Smartphones and tablets with Russian OS ‘Aurora’ and RuStore to go on sale May 27”

“Open Mobile Platform” Company announces the launch of “Aurora” 5.1

The Russian firm “Open Mobile Platform” declared the release of Russian-made “Aurora” 5G devices pre-installed with the RuStore App Store on May 27, which can be pre-ordered now.

Future Plans and Business Model

The company’s upcoming plans involve transitioning all its customers to the new OS generation, expanding the RuStore App catalogue, and introducing retail sales under the Bring Your Own Trusted Device (BYOTD) model with “Aurora 5.1”. This business model stipulates that organisation employees purchase devices used for executing work tasks. The organisation’s IT department assumes the responsibility of managing these devices, and users gain access to the company’s resources and corporate app store.

About “Aurora” OS

“Aurora” is a native mobile platform, forming a corporate mobile infrastructure resilient to sanction risks. The platform complies with national security and information protection regulations, enjoying regular FSB and FSTEK certification updates since its inception in 2016.

“Aurora” 5th Generation Features

The 5th generation “Aurora” OS possesses distinct features: an updated user interface facilitating convenient interaction not only on smartphones but also tablets. The OS is ready for integration with national IT products like the RuStore App Store. There are toolkits and SDKs that equip developers to create apps for the ecosystem. The RuStore pre-installation is expected to provide a new development boost, offering a platform for individual and corporate developers wishing to contribute to the OS’s evolution.

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