iOS 18 will be able to record and transcribe phone calls to text.

Apple Introduces Call Recording and Transcription Feature with iOS 18 at WWDC 2024

Unveiled at the WWDC 2024, Apple’s iOS 18 is set to feature a new function, allowing the recording and transcription of phone calls. According to the company, an automatic notification will inform the call participants of the ongoing recording.

The released image depicts the new recording option within the Phone application, showcasing a sound wave along with a record of the conversation’s duration. Conversations are then decrypted in the Notes application, where Apple Intelligence‚Äôs new AI system can provide an abstract summary. The application will even record and transcribe audios.

The Apple iOS 18 preview page mentions that the audio transcription will be available in seven languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Japanese, Chinese, and Portuguese. With this feature, journalists and other users will find it easier to record and transcribe their conversations, while also keeping conversation partners informed.

Additional iOS 18 Features Showcased at WWDC 2024

Besides the transcription service, the Apple Intelligence AI system sparked great interest among WWDC attendees. However, iOS 18 will be enhanced with several other features. These include a customizable home screen, control center alterations, tapback response improvements, and more.

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