Jensen Huang from NVIDIA Named Best CEO of 2023 by The Economist.

NVIDIA experienced stellar success in the previous year, as signified by a threefold surge in the company’s stock prices. This particularly fruitful period earned NVIDIA’s founder, Jensen Huang, the title of ‘Best CEO of 2023’ according to a ranking by The Economist, based on a set of distinct criteria.

It’s impossible to ignore NVIDIA’s contribution to the advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) systems, as its hardware and software ecosystem form the backbone of numerous such systems around the globe. Furthermore, the AI boom that unfolded last year accelerated the company’s market capitalization beyond the “$1 trillion” milestone.

Image Source: The Economist

As reported by Yahoo Finance, NVIDIA’s skyrocketing stock prices ensured hefty returns for its investors — a staggering 172.9% profit from December 15, 2022, to December 15, 2023. Among the top five leaders ranked by The Economist, only Meta Platforms, headed by Mark Zuckerberg and banned in Russia, can match such profitability. Notably, Huang outshines Zuckerberg with a significantly higher approval rate among company employees—98% against Zuckerberg’s 62%.

The satisfaction levels of company employees also factored into Huang’s prominent ranking in The Economist‘s list of the best leaders of 2023. NVIDIA scored 4.6 out of 5, compared to Meta’s score of 3.9, backed by its founder Zuckerberg, according to Glassdoor’s rating. There is little doubt that NVIDIA will continue to reap the fruits of its years-long efforts to promote its computing acceleration platform in the coming year, and other business publications will undoubtedly continue to recognize its founder’s relentless leadership.

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