Telegram Launches New Payment System for Digital Content, “Stars”

Telegram messenger service has rolled out a new internal currency known as “Stars” to facilitate the purchase of digital goods such as e-books, online courses, and other products from bots and mini-applications within the platform. This move provides Telegram’s massive user base with access to a wider range of digital content, adhering to the regulations of the App Store and Google Play.

According to data from Telegram, over 400 million users actively leverage bots and mini-applications on the platform each month. These tools enable users to purchase goods, play video games, and access various other services. Up until now, bots within Telegram allowed for the sale of physical goods worldwide, but the recent addition of “Stars” enriches the platform’s capabilities by supporting the purchase and payment of digital goods.

The newly introduced system caters specifically to the purchase of digital content and aligns perfectly with the latest requirements set by Apple and Google for selling digital products. Users can secure “Stars” from Apple and Google app stores or from the PremiumBot within Telegram, following which they can use this currency to shop within the messaging app’s ecosystem. Bot developers can effortlessly integrate “Stars” payment, following the documentation, and thus tap into the immense Telegram audience.

To showcase how the system works, the @DurgerKingBot has been set up. This bot allows users to buy a special cake using “Stars”, before immediately reimbursing the payment back to the user.

Telegram plans to expand the utility of this new currency in the future. One of the proposed features includes the ability for users to send gifts to content creators as a gesture of support. This addition to the Telegram ecosystem broadens user access to a variety of digital goods and services. It also helps bot developers to reach a wider potential customer base. More details about Telegram’s new digital currency can be found on Telegram CEO Pavel Durov’s channel and in their blog.

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