Legendary Call of Duty Developer Opens BulletFarm Studio to Create Old-School Cooperative AAA Shooter

NetEase Games, the Chinese gaming company, continues to recruit industry veterans with its latest move to establish BulletFarm Studio, led by well-known Call of Duty game developer.

BulletFarm: A Pioneering Remote Game Studio

Headquartered in Los Angeles, BulletFarm set itself as a remote AAA-class studio. Although currently composed of just four members, the studio plans to expand its team to nearly 50 in the future.

Leading this venture is former Treyarch design director, David Vonderhaar, well-known for his contributions to the Call of Duty series and, specifically, the multi-player systems in the Black Ops subseries.

Joining Vonderhaar is experienced game designer and fellow Treyarch veteran, Chris Cowell, who will serve as BulletFarm’s creative director.

Vonderhaar's first Call of Duty credit was Call of Duty 2: Big Red One (sample image is from Dot Esports)

BulletFarm’s Debut Project

BulletFarm’s debut is a “new and ambitious” AAA shooter with a focus on cooperative gameplay. It promises a unique universe, a fresh look at first-person gameplay, and Unreal Engine 5 graphics.

In an interview with VentureBeat, Vonderhaar asserts that BulletFarm will adopt an old-school approach in game design. He criticizes the tendency of turning games into annual releases packed with battle passes and sequels.

Vonderhaar promises a distinct approach to their first project different from his past games: “It’ll showcase my passion for detailed characters, refined mechanics, deeper narrative, and action-packed scenes.”

Image Source: BulletFarm
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