LinkedIn Extensively Implements AI to Aid Job Seekers and Recruiters

LinkedIn has introduced an array of new services powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). The social media platform, which has been employing AI technologies since 2007, now offers a broader spectrum of tools designed to assist in job search and application, educational resource selection, resume creation, and recommendation letters’ draft.

“We have been working with AI since 2007,” said Tomer Cohen, Head of Product. “It’s a powerful tool that we actively use to connect people and uphold trust within our ecosystem.” In October 2023, the company launched an OpenAI-based toolset, followed a month later by tools for reading and writing and those for creating profiles, job postings, and company pages.

Being a subsidiary of Microsoft, which owns 49% of OpenAI and has its substantial advancements in AI, LinkedIn can focus on inventing and integrating AI tools for its proprietary needs without the burdens of innovation and investment.

The New Way of Job Search

LinkedIn now offers a new modality of job search using dialogue prompts, grounded on objective data and current job vacancies. The AI can draft a cover or recommendation letter and provide further information about the user’s resume and professional background.

LinkedIn’s Learning Platform Development

Continuing to enhance its video-based learning platform, Cohen disclosed a 160% increase in AI-related course attendance compared to the previous year. These courses, running across technical and general education modules alike, include essential introductions to generative AI. For Premium plan subscribers, the company is currently testing “expert suggestions based on AI”. LinkedIn, using generative AI trained on renowned instructors’ experiences, supplies users with personalized responses as a “starting point.” In the future, the premium subscribers will benefit from personal trainers during a LinkedIn Learning course.

AI tools in practice

Transforming Search on LinkedIn

The search has proven one of the most challenging tools on the platform, especially as it scales. LinkedIn promises to provide more details about the AI-based search in the coming weeks but assures broad search capabilities via natural language queries already.

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