Apple will be the first to receive 2nm processors from TSMC

The expectancy of chip lithography costs has been spiraling upwards in recent years, a trend only major successful companies can keep up with. Apple remains at the forefront, regularly poised as the first client of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) to adopt new manufacturing processes. Recent information from Taiwanese sources speculates no exception for the impending 2-nanometer (nm) technology.

Citing insider news, DigiTimes reveals Apple’s readiness to become TSMC’s inaugural 2-nm client. Plans are set for mass production by the latter half of 2025, as recently mentioned by TSMC representatives. The company intends to establish a minimum of two new factories specializing in 2-nm chip production on Taiwanese soil. TSMC’s 2-nm process will implement surrounding gate transistors and nanosheets (GAAFET + nanosheet) which promise faster switching speeds and lower operating voltages than their predecessors.

Noteworthy is Apple’s history with TSMC, being among the first to tackle the 3-nm process and having bought out the complete production quota until the end of 2023. Last year saw TSMC garner 6% of its total revenue through 3-nm products. Yet, it wasn’t until Q3 that any mention of 3-nm chip revenue appeared in its financial reports, indirectly hinting at links with Apple whose 3-nm based products only began hitting the market in significant quantities in the latter half of the year.

Furthermore, rumour has it that by 2027, TSMC plans to commence the manufacturing of 1.4-nm chips. Likely, as in earlier instances, Apple will be among the first clients to climb aboard. Currently, Apple’s processors contribute to the company’s move away from reliance on third-party suppliers in not just the mobile but also the desktop segment. Further cooperation with TSMC on these chips should fortify this leading edge.

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