Opera integrates Google’s Gemini neural networks into its browser

Opera browser users can now access artificial intelligence (AI) functionality, thanks to a partnership between the browser’s developers and Google. As a result, the AI assistant known as Aria, already integrated into the browser, will further incorporate Google’s significant language model, Gemini.

Unique to Aria is its ability to access language models from various developers. According to the company, the AI engine Composer used in the browser is capable of processing user requests effectively, determining which language model to utilize for optimum problem-solving.

Last year, during its introduction, Google hailed Gemini as “the most functional model ever created”. Since then, Gemini-based features have been implemented in many of Google’s products, and the AI bot Gemini was introduced to Android. Now, Opera has announced that integrating Gemini into the company’s browser will “provide users with the most relevant information”.

The partnership with Google will allow Opera developers to introduce experimental features via Aria in the AI Feature Drop program. Opera One Developer users can now trial a free feature generating images from text descriptions, based on Google’s language model, Imagen 2. Users can also listen to Aria converting text queries into conversational audio using Google’s text-to-audio algorithm. These new features are set to become widely available following the testing phase.

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