Micron releases world’s first LPCAMM2 memory modules on LPDDR5X — They are faster, more economical, and more compact than SO-DIMM.

Market Leading Micron Introduces LPCAMM2 Memory Modules

Micron Technology Inc. has officially become the first company to launch the next-generation Low-Power Compression Attached Memory Module (LPCAMM2) memory modules ranging from 16 to 64 Gigabytes. These modules promise superior performance and energy efficiency, allow for a compact design, and maintain the modularity required for PC upgrades.

New Memory Modules to Enter Mass Production by 2024

Mass production of the LPCAMM2 modules is set to commence in the first half of 2024, marking a revolutionary form factor since the advent of the SODIMM standard in 1997. Based on LPDDR5X chips, LPCAMM2s decrease energy consumption by a significant 61% and enhance performance by 71%, as verified by standard workloads in the PCMark 10 test, such as web browsing and video conferencing. Moreover, the new format takes up 64% less space compared to SO-DIMM.

Micron's LPCAMM2 mass production

Significant Performance Enhancements

LPCAMM2 memory modules equipped with LPDDR5X chips hit speeds of up to 9600 Megabits per second, outperforming the existing SO-DIMM DDR5modules, which top out at 5600 Megabits per second. These modules also provide an energy saving of up to 80% during stand-by mode, contributing to prolonged battery life for mobile devices. Moreover, tasks related to digital content production gain a performance boost of 7%.

Micron's new memory modules offer performance enhancements

Micron Targets Gamers and Professionals

Micron plans to market the LPCAMM2 memory under the Crucial brand, targeting not only computer manufacturers but also end-users. In particular, gamers and professionals, who routinely upgrade their memory modules, stand to benefit. The innovative memory format will become available on the market in the first half of 2024.

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