Microsoft Describes Google’s Advantages in the Domain of Generative AI

In a recent report, Microsoft has stated that Google’s access to vast datasets along with its AI-optimized chips gives the tech giant a competitive edge in the genenerative neural network sector. This statement highlights the intense competition present in this innovative and developing field. The European Commission, the primary regulatory body of the EU, launched an investigation in January this year to detect any possible competition law violations in this sector.

The rapid advancement of generative neural networks has led to the emergence of artificial intelligence-based chat bots like OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Gemini. Fears are rising that such technology could be exploited for generating fake news and disseminating disinformation. Against this backdrop, the European Commission is examining the sector to ensure a level playing field for all participants.

Microsoft’s report sent to the European Commission reads, “At present, only Google is vertically integrated in a way that gives it strength and independence at every level of AI, from chips to a thriving mobile app store. All other entities are forced to rely on partnerships to innovate and compete.”

Microsoft believes that Google’s ability to self-supply with AI-optimized chips will provide it with a significant advantage in coming years. Tap into vast data arrays from Google’s search index and YouTube will enable Google to train its language model, Gemini. Microsoft has stated that “YouTube provides an unprecedented set of video content: approximately 14 billion videos are hosted on the platform. Google has access to this content, while other AI developers don’t.”

Microsoft has also noted that voice assistants like Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri provide both companies with a competitive edge, stating, “They have all the capabilities to develop and utilize existing voice assistants to take leading positions in the field of generative neural networks. New market participants and competitors of Google and Apple will not be able to take advantage of the same benefits.”

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